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Cessnock District Health Fund has been providing health cover to its members since 1952.

The Fund was established as a result of the coal mining industry seeking an affordable coverage for its members. The Fund continues to provide a comprehensive coverage for that industry as well as the wider community that has recognised the benefits that a regional fund can provide through competitive rates and a comprehensive range of benefits.

As a result we have expanded and now have members in every state of Australia

Our office is at 151 - 153 Vincent Street, Cessnock and CDHBF is a Registered Health Benefits organisation.

Our aim continues to be to provide quality health cover at the lowest possible contribution rates.

We are constantly complimented by new members on our affordable rates, as these people can usually make a quick comparison with their former health fund.

And whenever a member makes a claim due to hospitalisation, we ensure that the claim is paid promptly.

We understand that our relationship with members is a “two way street.”

Many members have contributed for years, so when they need to make a claim, it is our duty to give them the courtesy of paying such a claim swiftly.

At CDHBF, we understand that health insurance can be a confusing and time-consuming subject for many people. Therefore, we endeavour to keep things as simple as possible, hence our limited but comprehensive choice of cover. (Top, Basic, Smart Cover and Supplementary.)

CDHBF provides you with the options and choices that are not available under Medicare. The choice of who treats you and when?

Many people express the opinion, “I want the best available doctor with immediate treatment.”

With this in mind, we have designed our Top cover accordingly, so that there are no excesses to pay upfront for hospital treatment (unless you  chose a lesser option). Also, we have contracted hospitals Australia-wide and No-Gap and Known-Gap arrangements in place with doctors.

This leaves you with the peace of mind to concentrate on the important things – You and Your family.